Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So, I Almost Forgot

Almost three weeks ago, the family and I traveled down to Maryland to see Ross and Natalie get married. It was a beautiful wedding and I'm soo glad that she is now a Nosal. On the way home, we stopped at flea markets and antique shops, soaking in the beauty of Maryland and Pennsylvania. There were SO many spinning wheels for sale in PA. If you are reading this, live in PA, and are looking for a spinning wheel, Lancaster and the area around it is fantastic for well-working, beautiful spinning wheels. I had no intention of buying as I had already bought a brand new spinning wheel a few months ago.

When I saw this one, and read the price tag (I originally thought the decimal was misplaced), it was hard to walk away. Aft
er Dad measured the back of the explorer to make sure it would fit, I came home with this gorgeous Great wheel. What do you think? I bought her for $70.00 and she has all but one small part. She is nearly perfect condition! I haven't spun on her yet, but I plan to.