Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our First Date

My spinning wheel and I had our first date today. I packed her up in a Hefty XXL Ziploc Bag and we were on our way. (BTW, these bags are fantastic! They have handles and everything.) And if I must say so, I do believe it was a quite successful date! Briar Rose and I learned quite a bit. We are working together much more easily than before. We made these two mini skeins of yarn: The brown and white skein is corriedale wool. The solid brown skein is llama, from Mocha - the llama the shop is named after! I have decided I LOVE llama. (On a side note, one acre of land can support 3-4 llamas. That means we could have up to 12 llamas grazing our backyard! I'm working on convincing Mom and Dad, but have yet to be successful. Any suggestions!?)

Saturday night we had a little bit of a
n argument. I was attempting to finish spinning some roving that I already had started so that my bobbins would be free for class today. But Briar Rose was tired and would not cooperating. The yarn kept splitting and nothing seemed to be working. But with a little help of Mocha's Fiber Connection we are getting along much better. So much so that we went back to the roving that we were working on last night and re-plyed it. It came out wonderfully...... in my opinion.

She has gone to bed now... it was a long day for her. We can't wait to start spinning the roving I bought for the April Spin-Along on Ravelry. The theme is rain!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

My new spinning wheel (her name has been decided to be Briar Rose) and I have been together one month today. To celebrate, Dad and I made her a niddy noddy. We made it out of an old chair rung (the center piece) with some antique oil finish to bring out the wonderful detail. The end pieces Dad made for me based off of other niddy noddy's that we've seen. Briar Rose and I are getting along great. I've spun and plied one skein (seen on the niddy noddy before it was painted). I've started another soon-to-be skein for the March Spin-Along on Ravelry. I'll post pictures when I finish.

And the weekend after Easter, Briar Rose and I are taking a trip across the state for an all day spinning workshop. We are very excited!