Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Baby

I can't quite pinpoint when it became my second obsession, but I decided I wanted to learn to spin. This way I can spin my own yarn and have yet another way to feed my addiction! In August I received a drop spindle and some roving in a secret pal swap. In September I took a lesson to learn how exactly drop spindling worked. Since then I've been saving up for a spinning wheel. In October at the NY Sheep and Wool festival I was able to try two spinning wheels: an Ashford Traditional... ...and an Ashford Traveler. I fell in love with the Traveler. I have finally saved enough money to purchase my own wheel. On Monday, the family and I are trekking up to Northampton to purchase my wheel at Webs - America's Yarn Store as they refer to themselves.

I am SO excited! Not only am I getting a spinning wheel, but I am going to WEBS, the supposedly best yarn shop ever. It's so big they have a warehouse attached to the store. Oh boy!

Now to dream of spinning wheels and sugar plum fairies.

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