Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Mine!

Monday morning - bright and early - the family and I trekked up to WEBS to make my big purchase. I went there expecting to come home with an Ashford Traveler. I came home with something completely different. I purchased a Lendrum Original Double Treadle Folding Wheel.As soon as we were home I had the box unpacked and the wheel set up in five minutes. It's was so easy to put together. I have spun nearly a whole bobbins worth. My yarn is getting more consistent as I go along! Practice really does make perfect (although, I'm not quite at perfect yet). Even though it's not what I had imagined I'd be spinning on, I LOVE it! I really couldn't be happier.

We even made a friend while we were there.... or Dad made a friend. This is Freddy... the friendly neighborhood cat who happens to hang out at WEBS occasionally. Look at those eyes! Freddy spotted Dad sitting down and jumped right up into his lap, making himself at home with no problem. This cat was not shy! (The dogs were waiting for us in the car. Needless to say they were oblivious that Dad was two-timing them!)

P.S. Any suggestions for a name for Mr. Lendrum is greatly appreciated.... Should she be a boy or a girl? I can't seem to decide.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Baby

I can't quite pinpoint when it became my second obsession, but I decided I wanted to learn to spin. This way I can spin my own yarn and have yet another way to feed my addiction! In August I received a drop spindle and some roving in a secret pal swap. In September I took a lesson to learn how exactly drop spindling worked. Since then I've been saving up for a spinning wheel. In October at the NY Sheep and Wool festival I was able to try two spinning wheels: an Ashford Traditional... ...and an Ashford Traveler. I fell in love with the Traveler. I have finally saved enough money to purchase my own wheel. On Monday, the family and I are trekking up to Northampton to purchase my wheel at Webs - America's Yarn Store as they refer to themselves.

I am SO excited! Not only am I getting a spinning wheel, but I am going to WEBS, the supposedly best yarn shop ever. It's so big they have a warehouse attached to the store. Oh boy!

Now to dream of spinning wheels and sugar plum fairies.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It is Finished!

Back in August I spotted the pattern for this gorgeous blanket. Right then I decided I would make it and it took everything in me to not go out and buy yarn for this project and cast-on immediately. I was able to convince myself to wait at least until Rhinebeck where I could purchase some unique yarn for the blanket. There I found 600 yards of a pretty vintage rose color. Then I convinced myself that I had too many projects going at once and to wait until you could get the Knitpicks.com Interchangeable needle set. I got the set for Christmas (much to my relief since I wasn't sure how much longer I could last without casting on).

December 26th I casted on. It took me just over one month to finish.
The bind-off row took one full week. I blocked it tonight and I have to say, I LOVE it! It is just over 4 feet around - the perfect size for a lap blanket. I have already bought yarn for a second blanket in a chocolate brown. I would recommend this pattern to anyone -- especially to anyone who wants to learn how to knit lace (this was my first lace project) or who wants to knit a blanket, but isn't sure they can make it through a whole afghan (I have one too many blankets that were started and quickly abandoned for something quicker).

*More pictures on Ravelry.