Sunday, January 13, 2008

An Update

My updates have been rather sparse over the last few months. I don't have much of an excuse except to say that I have been especially addicted to knitting and once current project is finished I am already casting on for the next within an hour of casting off (if I am able to wait that long). And Ravelry has really helped with keeping me organized, reminding me which projects I've abandoned and what is currently on the needles and what of that long queue do I want to knit next.

My Christmas knitting, which was kept to a limit this year, was finished in time. (With the exception of the dinosaur that I attempted to knit Gavin - my 1 year old cousin - that went completely wrong!) The felted slippers were a hit with the girls and I made a calorimetry for my sister. The day after Christmas, after having received the Knitpicks Harmony needle set, I casted on for the Hemlock Ring Blanket which is coming along quickly and will hopefully be done soon!
My blocking wires are being shipped to me this week. I have already purchased yarn for a second blanket.

To take short breaks from the blanket I had casted on for two short projects both of which are done. I made Leigh Radford's The Clutch You'll Never Give Up for Laurel to make up for the purse that I told her I would make her for her birthday and never did. This was about 2 years ago!
I plan to embellish this clutch with some felted flowers.

Yesterday I casted on for an anthropologie-inspired
shrug and finished it this evening. I love it, although I could have made it a smidge bigger. It was a very quick and easy knit!

On another note, I added a new link to my side bar. Poverty Hollow Primitives is the name of my parents business. They have been selling at craft shows over the years and have recently put together a website to sell their things online. Please check it out! They have some really great quality items.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Santa Must Love Knitters...

Or perhaps Santa is a knitter himself? Either way, it can definitely be agreed on that Santa was good to the knitter inside me!

Thanks to Santa and his connection with Knitpicks I received th
e Harmony Interchangeable Circular Knitting Set. I had my eye on sets like this in previous years but they were all made using metal needles and I much prefer the wooden or bamboo needles. I was very much delighted when I heard knitpicks was coming out with this set, and even more excited when I got the set for Christmas! They have already been put to use (as you can see in the picture!

Santa must also have a weakness for spinners.
In my stocking was not one, but two spindles made by the creative ButterflyGirl. I LOVE it! It is made using unakite stone as the whorl and oak for the shaft. They are wonderfully made and I totally recommend any of her spindles!

Laurel (no, she's not Santa) surprised me with an awesome set of felted stitch markers
from Miss Jelby's shop on etsy. Aren't they fun?

BTW, if you haven't discovered the wonder that is you must go there immediately! Etsy is an online marketplace for buying & selling all things handmade. It's where I got a lot of Christmas presents - perhaps yours. It's where I got my Christmas cards. It's where my sister and my mom (I mean Santa) got Christmas presents for me. There is EVERYTHING on etsy! But be careful... it's addicting!