Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Believe It Or Not

It's the holiday season.

I feel like the Christmas season this year came out of nowhere. Last I knew it was a gorgeous 70 degree fall day in October. But they say time flies when you are having fun - so I must have been having fun somewhere in there.

I did manage to get nearly all of my Christmas shopping done and I sent out Christmas cards this weekend. (I bought someone else's homemade cards. She did a really nice job!

And tonight, the family and I built our first (I think) gingerbread ho
use.* Even the puppies were enjoying the fun -- -- Or at least looking for some of the leftover candy that may have fallen on the floor.

Now, to wrap presents - this may take awhile...

*The glasses leaning against the roof are actually holding the roof up. It was still drying.

1 comment:

smelly again said...

The card you sent me was SO GORGEOUS! My housemates saw it and were like, "Who's that from?" "Uh, the hottest girl EVER!" I replied, and they knew I meant you.