Monday, October 15, 2007


I have quickly realized that my 32 hour work week is getting in the way of my knitting. Is there a way to be paid for one's obsessions?

The process of finishing the eyelet cardigan for this weekend is still in motion. I finished knitting the back of the sweater and casted on/knitted 2.5" on one of the sleeves. It is gonna be close, especially since I keep getting sidetracked with the idea of knitting one of these to carry all my treasures from the wool festival this weekend (mine would be in a pretty blueish-gray).

Speaking of getting sidetracked.... I have discovered a new addiction - spinning. Back in August I received a drop spindle from my wonderful Secret Pal. I took a spindle lesson and am getting the hang of it (and once I finish this sweater, I'll have more time to dedicate to it). Except now I have to feed that obsession, and that obsession is calling for a spinning wheel. I knew I wanted a spinning wheel even before I wanted a spindle, but for reasons like finances and availability, etc. the spindle arrived into my hands first.

I have been told that in order to find the perfect spinning wheel you need to try different ones out - which is ONE of the reasons why the NY sheep and wool festival will be so wonderful this weekend. However, I must admit that I have my eye on one of these:It is an Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel. I think she is beautiful, and while I haven't spun on one like her yet, I am sure that we will have an instant bonding.

Wish me luck as we will probably have our first meeting this weekend, and first impressions are so important!

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