Wednesday, July 18, 2007

More Knitting Knews

My knitting time has become more consistent in the past month or so. Although I've been back home for over six months now, I finally have (at least somewhat) figured out how to manage my time. Working 9-4:30 and then having the entire evening to myself is something college students do not understand and has definitely taken some getting used to on my end.

As a result finished objects are again becoming more frequent. Two weeks ago I finished the envelope clutch. Last week, I finished the first half of my pair of socks.
This week I am finally back to working on the Hoover Blanket - although I am embarrassed at how little has been done on it.

And because I've been de-stashing my yarn collection by finishing projects, I have been awarding myself with purchasing yarn - thus continuing the never-ending cycle of a knitter's life. After my last sock class, I bought myself two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn at a one-time only 25% off discount*.
I have heard it called the Cadillac of sock yarns.

On Saturday, after a lovely day of blueberry picking, I bought three skeins of worsted weight 100% wool from the farm where we got the blueberries.I plan on using at least one of the skeins in the secret swap I have signed up for in the month of August. The shear the sheep there, and then send the wool away to be cleaned and dyed, where it is then returned to the farm so people like me can enjoy and purchase their yarn. I have some that I bought there last year which is currently a work in progress. When finished they will be felted bowls.

Lots of knitting ahead of me - as always.

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Zoe said...

The finished knitting looks good. Love the yarn purchases.