Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yarn in a Tea Cup

I picked up two wonderful habits in the four years that I was away at school.

First, I learned how to knit (and now I am so addicted I can hardly put it down to sleep or eat or work, etc.)

Second, I learned of my love for tea. Granted the girls I lived with may have been a little bit more into the tea drinking than I was, I have learned what makes great tea. I've learned how great it is to sit down with someone over a cup of tea. I've learned that cinnamon graham crackers are the best side snack with my tea!

I have just found the best way to combine these two habits: a Yarn in a Tea Cup swap, hosted by
Zoe. I learned about the swap through the greatest website ever: Ravelry (which is not currently open to the public although invitations are being sent out for beta testers. I STRONGLY recommend signing up for an invitation if you are longing for a way to organize your yarn and projects as well as find out what other people are making).

In this swap I have to send a tea cup and a ball of yarn to someone who I will soon be assigned. Someone else will be assigned to me and they will send me a ball of yarn and a tea cup. I did a yarn swap last year and loved it so I am very excited to be doing another one.

(Yarn in tea cup picture above is not the one I will be sending to my partner.)

Sock News:
My first sock is almost done. I have my last knitting class on Thursday where we will learn how to finish the toe and then sock #1 will be done! Wahoo! I have done more knitting on it since the last picture posted, but it isn't enough to post a picture. Will post one when there is more to see.


Zoe said...

Hi, it's Zoe. Thanks for the mention. I wonder how Ravelry found out as I am not registered with them. Oh the wonders of the www! I'd love to know what they said about the swap.

Debby said...

I'm sorry I missed the signups. It sounds like a fun swap! I love all kinds of black teas, so I really appreciate your post.

Thanks for adding me as a friend to Ravelry. I added in my first projects tonight.