Sunday, June 17, 2007

Roving to Yarn

Happy Father's Day! To celebrate Father's Day, we, as a family, decided to do what Dad wanted to do. We went to the flea market. I think it may have been a more successful trip for me than for anyone else in the family.

I came across this wonderful treasure:
A Remco Little Red Spinning WheelIt was a toy made in 1961 for girls (as the box suggests it would be great for). It was there in the original box (a rarity) with all the parts (another rarity).

It was one of the first things I saw at the flea market and about halfway through the huge market, I realized I had to have it.

In the meantime I've been working away at my sock.
So far I have three inches and I need to knit another three and a half more inches before class again on Thursday. So far I'm loving it and cant wait to finish these socks so I can start another pair!


Sunshine said...

i too just found a remco little red spining wheel, though i wasn't as lucky as you to find the box and instructions. if yours happened to include the instructions might you be willing to share them?
i can't wait to try my hand at spinning, and this seems just my speed (if i can figure out how it works!)

Anonymous said...

I had a "Little Red Spinning Wheel" it was basically a spool knitter with four, five and six prongs that were interchangeable. I think that was all. It would knit a cord. I loved it. Good Luck!

Peggy Sellers said...

Would anyone out there have an instrution booklet that they would be willing to share for the Little Red Spinning Wheel by Remco? I was lucky enough to find the wheel but no box and no instructions. Please help if you can. My email is
Peggy Sellers

Jennie said...

HI, I am looking for instructions as well if anyone is able to email me a copy or send one to me that would be great! Does this actually spin yarn like a true wheel? Please send answers via email ...
mc jennie 2 @hotmail. com (minus the spaces of course)

Anonymous said...

I had gotten one of these for Christmas in 1961; a really neat toy. I learned how to knit all of two years later when my grandmother was up from Florida. I am now in a knitting group in the community center of the city where I live; it's really fun, and knitting is really fun. I've been doing it since I was 10 years old; I'm almost 57 now.

Laura Norvell said...

OMG!!! I remember those. My mum bought one for my sister and I. I was seven back then. I'm now 62. Was just lying here watching tele and I don't know what made me think of it, so I decided to Google it like I said OMG there it was. Unbelievable!!!