Thursday, June 28, 2007

Good News Bad News

First, the bad news. My last knitting class - the one that would have finished the toe - has been postponed. Currently, I have a one toe-less sock.

The good news is I still made it to the yarn shop today and bought myself some sock yarn!

The family is taking there first and probably last huge family vacation. We are going to Disney World! And I HAD
to have something to knit on the plane, so I HAD to make a trip to the yarn shop to fill this need.

I started a swatch tonight in the Tofutsie yarn for the Monkey pattern. I am very excited, but for now I need to go to bed. Too many late nights admiring yarn on Ravelry.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yarn in a Tea Cup

I picked up two wonderful habits in the four years that I was away at school.

First, I learned how to knit (and now I am so addicted I can hardly put it down to sleep or eat or work, etc.)

Second, I learned of my love for tea. Granted the girls I lived with may have been a little bit more into the tea drinking than I was, I have learned what makes great tea. I've learned how great it is to sit down with someone over a cup of tea. I've learned that cinnamon graham crackers are the best side snack with my tea!

I have just found the best way to combine these two habits: a Yarn in a Tea Cup swap, hosted by
Zoe. I learned about the swap through the greatest website ever: Ravelry (which is not currently open to the public although invitations are being sent out for beta testers. I STRONGLY recommend signing up for an invitation if you are longing for a way to organize your yarn and projects as well as find out what other people are making).

In this swap I have to send a tea cup and a ball of yarn to someone who I will soon be assigned. Someone else will be assigned to me and they will send me a ball of yarn and a tea cup. I did a yarn swap last year and loved it so I am very excited to be doing another one.

(Yarn in tea cup picture above is not the one I will be sending to my partner.)

Sock News:
My first sock is almost done. I have my last knitting class on Thursday where we will learn how to finish the toe and then sock #1 will be done! Wahoo! I have done more knitting on it since the last picture posted, but it isn't enough to post a picture. Will post one when there is more to see.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's True

I've heard it said over and over again that once you learn to make socks you will never go back to buying socks from Target or Walmart or any other generic sock place. Although I haven't quite finished my first ever pair of hand-knit socks, I do believe I may be on this pathway to "homemade-only socks allowed".

Tonight I went to my first knitting class. My first home-made sock now looks like this:
or for those who can't quite picture it yet... a picture of the sock on my foot.

I am very excited. I have about 1.5 - 2 inches left of homework to do before my next/last class. I think I will be casting on for the second sock of the pair before next Thursday. Granted, they are a little big (I think they will make great indoor winter I-want-to-mope-around-the-house socks)... but these were class socks, meant to learn the technique of Magic Loop which I hope I have conquered and will never have to touch DPNs again! Oh, the excitement.

AND... I've already picked out the pattern for my next pair of socks which will most likely accompany me on my plane ride to Disney World in nine days.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Roving to Yarn

Happy Father's Day! To celebrate Father's Day, we, as a family, decided to do what Dad wanted to do. We went to the flea market. I think it may have been a more successful trip for me than for anyone else in the family.

I came across this wonderful treasure:
A Remco Little Red Spinning WheelIt was a toy made in 1961 for girls (as the box suggests it would be great for). It was there in the original box (a rarity) with all the parts (another rarity).

It was one of the first things I saw at the flea market and about halfway through the huge market, I realized I had to have it.

In the meantime I've been working away at my sock.
So far I have three inches and I need to knit another three and a half more inches before class again on Thursday. So far I'm loving it and cant wait to finish these socks so I can start another pair!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Beethoven

When we redid the attic so that it could become my bedroom, we had to take everything that was in this attic and put it in the storage area over the garage. This included many of my books from my when I was a kid, all the way up to anything current in my room that I wasn't going to need in the next few months.

With the discovery of and the promise to make my room sparkling clean, I convinced Dad to bring down one of the boxes of my books so I could go through them and bring some of my favorites into my room on the new bookshelves. While going through these books I found another one of my books from when I was an author in elementary school. I am here to share it with you.

The Beethoven
by Aileen Nosal

About one year ago, I, Karen, a brown haired girl, was practicing my worst instrument. I did not like to waste my time on things I did not want to do. i had hazel eyes and was four and a half feet tall. At that time I was ten and in fourth grade.

Then my mom walked in, and she heard just enough to know what was going on with me.
I was at my house sitting on my brown piano stool letting the awful noise just ring into my ears. As I hit the pedal, the noise got louder and worse. I was terrible. All I really did was press the pedal and the keys. My hands were slipping off the keys because they were sweaty. It was if I were the worst player. Never would I become like Beethoven... never!

When my mom walked into the living room she said, "That's not true. I know that you just have to practice." I thought that I was the worst pianist in the world.My mom knows everything. She is very pretty. She is young. Her brown hair waves in the wind when she drives her beautiful red convertible. Her green eyes shine so beautifully. Not only is she pretty, but she is very nice. She takes my friends and me to the pool in the summer. She also trusts me enough to go to the mall with twenty dollars. Maybe she thinks I'll buy her something.At my recital, Patsy, my piano teacher, an English lady, thought that the recital was going to be the worst ever. Luckily, I practiced piano so much I was the best player in the recital

Even though I never practiced automatically, my mom made me. It took many hours to get me to practice. It could be a fight or a bribe. Many fights were yelling or screaming. The bribes had lots of candy or a toy bribe.After my recital my mom bought me a large banana sundae. When my family and I got home, we got a phone call from the mayor asking me to play for the town. After I was asked to play for the town, I got asked by the governor of the state to play. Then I was asked by the president of the United States to play and the entire world.

I became famous before I was even 12. I was happy with everything I had.
The End

*I wonder what people would say if my writing from when I was a kid was ever analyzed. No volunteers please!*

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Laaaadies and Gentlemeeeen.... I am here to present to you the Magic Loop! Never before have I tackled the task of knitting socks and I am here to blog the entire journey for you! *

My first knitting class ever, which will teach me how to teach
my first pair of socks ever, begins on Thursday evening. Tonight I wound the balls of yarn... ... and practiced a little bit from the directions we've been given.

I signed up for the class for a few reasons:

1. I have taught myself most of what I know about knitting (with the assistance of some very special people who know who they are!) and now its time to learn in a group setting.

2. I want to meet some new knitters. While I was up at school it came to the point where all my girls were also knitting... and I miss that. It isn't as much fun (although the fun is still there) to knit by yourself.

I must admit I am a little nervous though. I am not used to going events not knowing someone there already. I am also guessing I will be one of (if not the) youngest person in the class and I hate feeling out of place.

But I am excited nonetheless.

*The rather unusual beginning to this blog is a result of what I've been currently reading, Water for Elephants. I am just over half-way through and I definitely recommend it.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Doctor's Say I'm Normal

After further investigation I'm sure that the doctors would find that I'm not as normal as my blood tests may say I am, however in regards to my back pain my body tells the doctors that I am just fine.

A week and a half after I was in the ER and just over two weeks since the pain started I am pain free. The doctors never figured out what exactly was wrong except to say that it was only a virus. (I don't understand how something that painful could have been just a virus.) In the end I had two different blood tests, the cat scan at the ER, and an x-ray of my chest. Everything came back normal, which is good. And yet, at the same time, we never quite figured out what was wrong.

I wanted to let you all know that I was doing okay. It has been awhile since I left you with the post of the ER and that was the last you knew. Those two weeks had me worn out at the end of each day and even still I feel as though I am catching up on my rest. And honestly, the last thing on my mind was a blog entry.

Thank you for all of your thoughts. It means a lot.

There is lots to catch up on, but that will be saved for another post. A report on Relay for Life, knitting, and life in general to come...