Monday, May 21, 2007

Relay For Life

When I was two years old I lost my grandfather to colon cancer. I do not remember this time very well - after all I was only two. But over the last twenty years since his death I have been told so many stories that I feel like I really know who he was.

He flew for Eastern Airlines after serving in WWII. Grandma always tells me how he was the greatest pilot ever, being able to land a plane so smoothly that even the co-pilot wasn't sure when exactly the plane hit the ground. Each time I fly I find myself comparing the pilot flying the plane I am on to how I think my grandfather would have flown the plane.

When I think of my grandfather I also picture him like I see him in this picture - totally and completely content:
On June 9-10 my family and I are going to be walking to find a cure for cancer at our local Relay for Life."Relay is a time to celebrate those who have battled cancer, remember those lost and get inspired to fight back."

If you are able and would like to, any donations to help me raise money to fight cancer is appreciated. You can make any donations at this link. Cancer is something that has made its way into each of our lives whether directly or indirectly. We have seen many fight it and many who have lost the battle. It has become a horrible epidemic that needs to be cured and we should do the best we can to get rid of this awful disease.

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