Thursday, May 31, 2007

How I Spent My Wednesday PM and Thursday AM

These past few days have been a blur. On Sunday morning I woke up for church with an awful, horrible, unbearable headache. When I stood up the pain went down my spine to my lower back with sharp pains extending out across my back. I spent most of the day laying down and taking ibuprofen, hoping the pain would go away.

It didn't and on
Monday - Memorial Day - the pain was still there. We called the doctor and he instructed that I continue what I was doing and on Tuesday go get blood work done.

, I called out of work, and continued laying in bed only to get up and go to get blood taken. This was just to see if I had Lyme. (I did sneak off to the yarn shop because I was feeling a little better and of course yarn always makes one feel better. By the time I got back I had worn myself out).

I went to work. I was sick of laying in bed all day and since I would only be sitting at a desk all day I figured I would be okay, although the pain was still there. I was okay until about 3:00 or so when I finally got the nerve to ask if it would be okay if I left early. I came home in tears over the pain I was in and was frustrated that the doctors weren't being more active about returning my phone calls and tending to my pain. By 8:00 last night the doctor had called me back and when I told him about the awful headaches he told me to come into the office immediately. Mom and I went, only to find that our night was not nearly over. Since I had described to the doctor how horrible my headaches were (and since I don't get headaches terribly often), he wanted me to get a brain scan to rule out the possibility that I might have an aneurysm and the only place that I could get one right then was the emergency room. We checked into the ER at around 9:30 and I was finally brought out of the waiting room and into a room where the doctor could see me at 11:00. It doesn't sound too bad, but that hour and a half took forever! (Let me be the one to tell you, the people who walk through the doors of the emergency room between 9:00-11:00 are quite an interesting crowd.) By 1:00 AM I was finally being taken into the Cat scan room. It looked like this: I had had an MRI done before so I wasn't too concerned about this, and it wasn't all that bad. The next thing that the doctor at the hospital said we would need to do pending the results of the Cat scan would be a lumbar puncture - where they would have to take spinal fluid from me so as to do a more precise examination to rule out the aneurysm. Fortunately, the results from the cat scan came back perfectly normal and the doctor found no need to do the lumbar puncture. I was discharged from the hospital a short while late and after a quick stop at McDonald's (Thank God they are open 24 hours) we finally got home at 2:30 in the morning. I went straight to bed. Last night feels so surreal, like I was on the cast of Grey's Anatomy, like it didn't really happen.

I do, however, have the bracelet with my name on it to prove it.

(I still don't know why I have the pain in my back and head, but at least we know its not an aneurysm.)


Aileen said...

Don't think I've ever commented here before! I started reading your blog ages ago - probably more than a year - because we have the same first name... high five! Anyway, just wanted to wish you well and say that I'm glad it's not an aneurysm.. but that you feel better soon.

Pollyanna said...

Praying for you! Keep us updated on how you're doing!!!

smelly said...

Poor girl! So sorry you're in so much pain! Glad you snuck off to the yarn store--good for you. Hoping you'll feel better soon! Lots of love!