Monday, May 07, 2007

Home of the 1962 World's Fair

Things have been completely nuts around here lately which is why it has taken me nearly two weeks to report back on my journey to Seattle, WA.

First, let me start by saying it was absolutely AMAZING! and if you ever get the chance to go there yourself - definitely go. (This is what I say about most places I've been to. Travelling is a good thing!)

My first full day there, Saturday, was dedicated to shopping. We went to the University District where I bought an amazing pair of shoes and where Holly bought a sweatshirt cardigan in an amazing magenta color. We had lunch at Thai Tom (apparently the best thai food around). Then we ventured down to Pike's Place Market - where I bought lots of crafty stuff.

Saturday evening was spent getting to know her house mates. The boys made us a delicious dinner. I've decided that they are all wonderful people.

Sunday was the RUFUS CONCERT - and just like the last time, he was absolutely wonderful. WONDERFUL! Never ever turn down an opportunity to see him in concert.

Monday was our Sight-seeing day. We went to the Space Needle - awesome. And we had a wonderfully clear day with fantastic blue skies.

We went to the Public Library - AMAZING! There were lots of bright colors. The escalators were neon yellow. And of course... lots and lots of books. Big books, little books. Books for people who knew everything and books for learning people. It is 11 floors of library. How wonderful?!

Holly and I had a grand ol' time together. We went to Seattle's Best Coffee. We had some really good food. And lots of quality time together. We were happy. There were flowers. TONS OF FLOWERS! It wasn't the east coast, (Holly and I discussed the differences) but I fell in love. I miss it (and you Holly!)

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smelly said...

Aaaa! I miss you, too, Aileen! SO glad you came to visit :) :) :)