Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Beginning of the End

Although I've been living back at home for nearly five months now, senior year is beginning to come to an end. Commencement is eleven days away - oh my!

This past weekend I went up to school to celebrate with my graduating class at our Senior Formal. It was a last minute decision, but a wonderful decision nonetheless. It was a weekend of reuniting and of Meglet. I wore my sister's prom dress and we were both the hottest girls there (no offense to anyone reading this who was there)!The food was wonderful - especially the dessert! And we danced ALL night! My feet were so sore Meg had to carry me back to the dorm (not really true, but it sure woulda been a sight to see!) Wahoo Class of 2007!

P.S. The baby that I knit this sweater for is due on Friday which means I will soon have adorable baby pictures to show you. Plus, Bella and Gabby are visiting. It will be a whole cute baby post!

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