Friday, April 27, 2007

The New Addition

Dumb Dell passed away two and a half weeks ago when she suddenly decided that after her short term of employment (3 years 10 months), she no longer wanted to work for me and made it so her screen went black five minutes after being turned on. Purl and I took her to the "hospital" where I was then told that Dumb Dell was not even worth repairing.

So there is a new addition to the Nosal family - one that was quickly welcomed and adopted. Purl and I are happy to welcome Mr. Mac* into our lives. We are still getting used to him. We haven't quite become used to the fact that I have to drag things (my ipod, my camera, etc.) into the trash can in order to properly eject them from my computer. But we are happy that Mr. Mac has rescued us from the unethical world of Dell.

*The name Mr. Mac is not permanent (as of yet)... other suggestions welcome.
**More on the AMAZING trip to SEATTLE to come...


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Mac.

I wuv you.


carolynem said...

may i suggest rufus as the name for your computer?

thank you.