Friday, February 02, 2007

One Time, at band camp...

I have a confession to make... actually, a couple of confessions.

1. I was (am) a band geek. I started playing the flute in the fifth grade. When I entered high school I joined the marching band in addition to regular ol' concert band. My junior year of high school I became the queen of band geeks as one of the drum majors* of the band where I reigned for 2 years.

It was a little disappointing when I decided to go to Gordon for college because they didn't have a marching band, but I was definitely going to be involved in the concert band there. I continued to enjoy playing my flute, but I really missed marching band (shh...I already warned you I was a geek). I missed it so much that when I was walking down into Quincy Market one night while in Boston, I heard a marching band and started running towards the music leaving the people I was with in the dust. (Even now my heart palpitates a little bit whenever I hear those horns and drums blaring -- on my CD player.)

2. I haven't played my flute in nearly two years. My junior year of college I needed to take a course that was during the scheduled time for band rehearsal. I didn't pick up band (or my flute) again after that. I didn't mean to stop playing, it just sort of happened.

Today at work we were listening to classical music and there was a piece playing that featured the flute. And suddenly I realized how much I really missed playing my flute (even in Kindergarten I had dreams of one day playing the flute).

My flute is currently sitting in my closet, but I think I'm gonna dust it off and get it all tuned up. Maybe I could start taking lessons again. Or perhaps I could join the local community orchestra. When I was in high school I had always told people I didn't want to stop playing, that somehow I would keep it up. All I know is I need to start playing again!

* Contrary to popular belief, being a drum major does not mean I was majoring in drum.

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