Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm ashamed

I need to update.

On a daily basis I think about how I need to update. I think of ideas for what I could tell all of you loyal readers about (at least I think I have loyal readers - maybe not). I think of brilliant ideas. And then...

I come and sit at my computer at night when I actually have the time to update and my mind is blank and I have a terrible time trying to recall what I had brainstormed earlier. I think I'm getting old.

I need to carry around a little notebook with me at all times so I can write down those brilliant ideas.

I'll have a grand ol' post soon filled with pictures and links and all sorts of good stuff soon enough (if I can think of something)- until then...

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Going to the Chapel

I've had a few requests to see photos of Kelly and Rafe's wedding... so here they are!

Let me start by saying it was probably one of the best weddings I've been to so far and I have never been so happy to see a couple get married. They were both ear-to-ear grins the entire night and couldn't be happier to have all their friends and family gathered in one place. The decorations were beautiful. The food was delicious. The music was hoppin'.

Kelly was stunning (as was Rafe)!

Sarah and I were so glad to be there.

There was lots of kissing. We made sure of that. And of course... lots of dancing by everyone - although I must say the guy to girl ratio was slightly off.

Friday, February 02, 2007

One Time, at band camp...

I have a confession to make... actually, a couple of confessions.

1. I was (am) a band geek. I started playing the flute in the fifth grade. When I entered high school I joined the marching band in addition to regular ol' concert band. My junior year of high school I became the queen of band geeks as one of the drum majors* of the band where I reigned for 2 years.

It was a little disappointing when I decided to go to Gordon for college because they didn't have a marching band, but I was definitely going to be involved in the concert band there. I continued to enjoy playing my flute, but I really missed marching band (shh...I already warned you I was a geek). I missed it so much that when I was walking down into Quincy Market one night while in Boston, I heard a marching band and started running towards the music leaving the people I was with in the dust. (Even now my heart palpitates a little bit whenever I hear those horns and drums blaring -- on my CD player.)

2. I haven't played my flute in nearly two years. My junior year of college I needed to take a course that was during the scheduled time for band rehearsal. I didn't pick up band (or my flute) again after that. I didn't mean to stop playing, it just sort of happened.

Today at work we were listening to classical music and there was a piece playing that featured the flute. And suddenly I realized how much I really missed playing my flute (even in Kindergarten I had dreams of one day playing the flute).

My flute is currently sitting in my closet, but I think I'm gonna dust it off and get it all tuned up. Maybe I could start taking lessons again. Or perhaps I could join the local community orchestra. When I was in high school I had always told people I didn't want to stop playing, that somehow I would keep it up. All I know is I need to start playing again!

* Contrary to popular belief, being a drum major does not mean I was majoring in drum.