Monday, December 04, 2006

A Short One

This entry will be a short one, but since I know that a lot of you are sitting on your seats in suspense wondering how the mittens are going, I will update you.

Mitten #1 is complete - well, except for the felting part.

Now I just have to start the next one. It shouldn't be hard, just have to actually do it! And then... I'll have a whole mitten, hat, scarf set all made by me!

In other great news, I got an unexpected phone call from the wonderful Carolyn. It made my night! I miss her dearly and crave the day that I will see her next. I also miss Meg. She is in Scotland. She will be taking my room next semester when I graduate. Aren't they the two most adorable faces in the whole entire world?! You would miss them too!

The End - told you this was a short one!*

*The semester is finishing up, I just picked up a new job and I need to move out of this place in 17 days. Things are crazy!


Meg said...

short, but sweet.

i like it.


Anonymous said...

i'm on your blog!
we're on your blog!