Monday, December 11, 2006

Fourteen Days of Christmas - Or Something!

So, I have THREE more days of classes, THREE days of finals, and then I'll be back home in Connecticut. I am going to live at home and work a full time job and knit and read for fun a lot! I am going to relax and enjoy the fact that I don't have any school work today. I am going to apply to grad schools with no real urgency. I am going to just enjoy having very little of importance to do.

There are FOURTEEN days until Christmas. Yesterday my apartment made Christmas cookies.

We made THREE different kinds of cookies - Gingerbread cookies, Sugar cookies, and Peanut Blossoms (my favorite!). Juan and I slaved away at making our Peanut Blossoms... and we watched the Gingerbread people cook. They were yummy!

P.S. I just finished the last bit of things I had to do for my calc class and am a little bit relieved to be free of numbers!

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