Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Beginnings

This New Year's Eve will be one different from all of the others that I have celebrated. This year, New Year's Eve will be a dual holiday. Not only will I be celebrating the start of a new year, but I will also be celebrating the start of a new marriage - Kelly and Rafe's!Kelly transfered to Gordon and was lucky enough (I think) to be put into the open spot in my apartment. We fell in love with her immediately (it helped that she liked to knit - wink). I like to think she fell in love with us too. She took us with her to look for her bridal dress. She let us help her put together her invitations (she designed them and made them herself!). And she was kind enough to invite us to her wedding. Sarah and I are going. We seem to be wedding buddies. And this time... we get to stay in a hotel!

We are so excited - for the wedding part. I am so excited that I got out of bed to write this post because it was all that was on my mind. They are perfect for each other. Best wishes to both of you!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Those were the days...

Did I ever tell you that I was/am an author? Well... not a NY Times best seller author, but once in the 3rd grade I wrote a book and illustrated the book myself. Here it is for your enjoyment! (I knew my creative juices were somewhere -- apparently I left them in the third grade!)

Dinosaurs in Disneyland
by Aileen Nosal

Chapter 1: The Family
Once there was a girl named Laurie and her family. Laurie loved history. One day h er father was reading the newspaper. He told his family that there was an article that told about dinosaurs in Disneyland. So, Laurie's mom and dad made reservations at the Florida Hotel. They decided to go the following summer.

Chapter 2: The Trip

It seemed like forever, but the time came and they were ready to pack. They got in their car and started for the airport. In a half an hour they were at the airport. They bought some candy and loaded on the airplane.
Laurie wondered and wondered what would be in Disneyland, for she had never been there. Soon they were at the airport in Florida. It was nice and hot there. They rented a convertible and drove it to their hotel.

Chapter 3: The Drive
When they checked into their room, they unpacked and went for a swim. After their swim they changed and went for a drive around to see the sights. It had been a long day, so they drove back to the hotel and got into their pajamas and went to bed so they could be rested for the next day.

Chapter 4: Grrrrrrrrr!
The next day they got up at 8:00. They got dressed, ate breakfast and drove to Disneyland. Laurie was very excited and could not wait until they g ot there to see the dinosaurs. When they got there, they heard a loud noise. It went Grrrrrrrrrr! Laurie ran ahead of her parents because she could not wait to see the dinosaurs. She thought the dinosaurs were calling for her.

Chapter 5: The Dinosaurs
When she got to the dinosaur area, she made friends with a Triceratops. The Triceratops looked very sad at Laurie, for he wanted to be free. Laurie understood and said to the Triceratops that she would let him free before the end of the day.
Chapter 6: The Rescue
The end of the day came and Laurie and her parents worked in the night to free the Triceratops. Whey they freed him, all the other dinosaurs followed so they too could be free.

Chapter 7: Going Home
A newspaper reporter took a picture of Laurie and her family because she freed the dinosaurs. Laurie and her family went home on the airplane feeling good about what they had done.

The End!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blessings and Sheep...

I think with my last set of exams quicly approaching, I have finally reached insanity. I rewrote the words of Bing Crosby's Count Your Blessings (sung in the wonderful Christmas movie White Christmas) to appeal to the knitting audience. I told you I had gone crazy. So, here they are for your reading pleasure:

When its Christmas and I can’t sleep
I count my Knitting instead of UFOs*
And I fall asleep counting my knitting
When my yarn stash is getting small
I think of when I had none at all
And I fall asleep counting my knitting

I think about a yarn shop and I picture wool and silk.
And one by one I count them, as the cashier rings me up
If you’re worried and you can’t sleep
Just count your knitting instead of UFOs
And you’ll fall asleep counting your knitting

I think about a yarn shop and I picture wool and silk.
And one by one I count them, as the cashier rings me up
If you’re worried and you can’t sleep
Just count your knitting instead of UFOs
And you’ll fall asleep counting your knitting!

*For any non-knitters reading this blog, UFO stands for UnFinished Object.

Thanks goes to Linda for her inspiration in rewriting this song! Now, I am off to bed!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Fourteen Days of Christmas - Or Something!

So, I have THREE more days of classes, THREE days of finals, and then I'll be back home in Connecticut. I am going to live at home and work a full time job and knit and read for fun a lot! I am going to relax and enjoy the fact that I don't have any school work today. I am going to apply to grad schools with no real urgency. I am going to just enjoy having very little of importance to do.

There are FOURTEEN days until Christmas. Yesterday my apartment made Christmas cookies.

We made THREE different kinds of cookies - Gingerbread cookies, Sugar cookies, and Peanut Blossoms (my favorite!). Juan and I slaved away at making our Peanut Blossoms... and we watched the Gingerbread people cook. They were yummy!

P.S. I just finished the last bit of things I had to do for my calc class and am a little bit relieved to be free of numbers!

Monday, December 04, 2006

A Short One

This entry will be a short one, but since I know that a lot of you are sitting on your seats in suspense wondering how the mittens are going, I will update you.

Mitten #1 is complete - well, except for the felting part.

Now I just have to start the next one. It shouldn't be hard, just have to actually do it! And then... I'll have a whole mitten, hat, scarf set all made by me!

In other great news, I got an unexpected phone call from the wonderful Carolyn. It made my night! I miss her dearly and crave the day that I will see her next. I also miss Meg. She is in Scotland. She will be taking my room next semester when I graduate. Aren't they the two most adorable faces in the whole entire world?! You would miss them too!

The End - told you this was a short one!*

*The semester is finishing up, I just picked up a new job and I need to move out of this place in 17 days. Things are crazy!