Friday, November 24, 2006

A Yarn and Needle Day

The Yarn Part

Today was a yarn day. This means that my local yarn store was having their holiday sale - 25% off all yarns and 35% off certain bagged yarns. I was rather excited and dragged my entire family there. I made some good purchases for some fun projects despite having more than enough on my plate for knitting. I bought this fun yarn to make this fun scarf that I couldn't resist starting already. It won't keep me warm, but its fun! I also bought these two skeins of yarn to make myself some felted mittens. The orange will be the cuff of the mitten and the brown will be the body of the mitten. These will be warm! I also finished the scarf for Jess... ...but depending on when I see her next will depend on when she gets it - in the mean time I might wear it!

I was also given a pretty neat gift from a friend of my grandmother's. She used to knit, but then became busy with being a mother and other things and life and by the time she got back around to being able to do some knitting she had athritis in her hands and knitting was too painful. So I was given one of her UFOs to finish. It has probably been close to thirty years since this UFO has last been worked on - perhaps even more. I feel special to have been given this special gift. I am afraid to touch it for fear that it will fall apart. The work on the sweater is amazing. It is a cardigan for a young child. The bottom has a border of carrots. And it looks as if where she left on is the start of another row of carrots. According to the pattern, I think there are supposed to be two bunny rabbits on the top front of the sweater when the cardigan is finished. Perhaps after exams I can take a look at this project. I think the neatest part of this whole gift are the old wooden needles (size 5) and the two small stitch holders.

The Needle Part (aka Pine Needles)

After my family and I finished at the yarn store (I wasn't the only one who
bought something. Mom bought some yarn so that I could make her a hat), we started on the long (and what seems like the never-ending) journey of finding a Christmas tree.

Every year it starts out the same. Every year we try to be a sweet, loving, traditional family and so we head out to a local tree farm to cut down our own Christmas tree.
We trample through the woods, tripping over rocks and sticks, wandering off the path, and leaving frustrated at the "too fat" or "too sparse" or "too crooked" trees.

We drive around a little bit longer wandering to local nurseries in hopes of finding a already cut tree - a tree that has already been selected by a "professional" to make some family happy. You aren't having to go through the stress of having to cut the tree, but you are still getting a little bit of the nature feeling to buying your Christmas tree. We go to a couple places like this. Some years we find our tree here, most years we don't.

Eventually we end up at Home Depot, or Stew Leonards, or Lowes. This year it was Lowes. It
was 5:00 at night and we had been searching for a tree nearly all day. Our patience was being tested (on each other) and we were ready to be done with this search. During this part of the process Mom really starts pressing how wonderful it would be to get an artificial tree. This cues Laurel who then goes into this whole rant on how having a fake Christmas tree isn't very Christmasy and that maybe after she moves out they can get an artificial tree (the catch here is that she doesn't plan on moving out or at least not anytime soon!). Eventually Laurel wins out and we get a real Christmas tree. This year, it happened to be the first one we saw after arriving at Lowes. I told you are patience was running low! The task of getting the Christmas tree has been accomplished - and everyone is still in one piece.

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holly said...

Yay, you got a tree! :-D We have a fake one in our house here, but I'm forcing the 'rents to get a real one.

And damn, that red yarn is gorgeous!