Monday, November 06, 2006

A Pleasant Surprise

I was on my way to my last class before the weekend began (I thought it was never going to come!). I had my new and working phone* in my pocket having placed it there shortly after getting off the phone with Dad. It rang. I answered it. It was Aunt Melanie and Grandma who were on their way to Boston (for a business meeting) before heading up to Maine.

"How hard would it be to get to Gordon now that we are already on the road?"

"Not hard."

"Because Grandma thought it'd be a great idea if we stopped off at Gordon and brought you into Boston with us tonight."

So, I ventured into Boston with Grandma and Aunt Melanie (and Luke) for the evening. After missing the slightest turn we ended up taking a detour around (what felt like ) half of Boston. We soon ended up at the hotel that they would be staying the night at and went to get dinner.

I took them to Fire and Ice - a place I was introduced to during my freshmen year of college and fell in love with immediately! I raved about this place to my family since the first time I had been there and so it was a nice treat to finally get two more members of my family to this resturant.

Needless to say that Grandma was quite exhausted after being dragged around Boston. Next weekend will be spent in Connecticut and New York City!

*Long story. If you really care, I can tell you, but trust me it isn't that exciting.

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