Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Knitting Post

So, I realized it has been a really really REALLY long time since I showed any completed knitting projects or any un-finished projects for that matter. This post shall be dedicated to the yarn and and the needles that make my knitting possible. First, a completed project for myself - a beautiful and really warm scarf. I bought this yarn from a lady at the Big E who had hand-spun and hand-dyed this yarn. It came out really nice and it reminds me of Holly! I wear it whenever I can and it has almost become part of my being.

Now for unfinished projects:

This little circle is eventually going to be a little hat for my little head.
After starting this hat 3 or 4 times already this year and every time forgetting where in the pattern I had left off, I finally cast on for the last (hopefully) time and got past the part of the pattern where I will have to remember where I am. Now I just have to knit in the round until its long enough to fit over my little head. Its easy-going from here on out.

This scarf I am making for Jess. She bought the hank when she was up here visiting me. I am making it to match a pair of gloves she had bought at a county fair this summer.
I am making it with the same size needles and the same pattern as my scarf. I am hoping to have both the hat and this scarf finished by Thanksgiving.

My last unfinished project I started today...finally.
It is the first 8 rows of my soon-to-be first sweater ever! I am excited about knitting this, and hopefully since I am nearly done with school I will be able to put more time into it. And maybe... I'll even be able to wear it before the cold season is over...maybe.

Hopefully I will keep you more updated on my knitting projects. I am loving all the projects I am working on. I just wish I didn't have so much homework to do to keep me away from knitting as much as I'd like to. Ah, such is life.

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Anonymous said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! I just can't wait lol! Love you! - Jess