Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The End is Near

I ate turkey and apple pie. I saw family. Thanksgiving break is over. I am now back at school (and have been since Sunday night) for three more weeks and then I am done with my undergrad education.

Still left to do?

* 3 exams

* A group project (I hate group projects)
* 1 paper (but a long one on a not so interesting topic)
* Go to Student Financial Services and go through an "official withdrawal process
* Make my library fines go away

* Finish felted mittens that I have been fairly successful with thus far (I started them on Monday)
Already finished?
*Way too many exams to count
*Way to many papers to count (and I don't really care to remember them all)
* Commencement Information Form in which I supplied the Registrar's office with my height so that they can order me a gown for commencement and with my new permanent address so they can send me my diploma!
* My hat! - and I love it* The cool scarf... isn't it cool?* * * *
And just so I don't bore you with too many pictures of my knitting (is that possible?) are some pictures of my adorable 2nd cousins. The littlest one is Gavin. He is about a month old and very VERY adorable. The other two cute ones are Madison (Gavin's older sister) and Bella (Madison's cousin - that you've already heard a lot about). They love taking pictures. And they definately knew how a digital camera worked - asking me to see the picture each time I took one.

Wait til they hear onfce upon a time, a long LONG time ago... you had to wait til you took 24 pictures before you could see the pictures you took - and even worse, you had to pay money to see them!


holly said...

This post is exploding with cuteness. I adore your mittens, hat, and scarf...and the pictures of you with your cousins are almost too cute to STAND! :) Miss you, darlin!

Anonymous said...

you and your cousins = the cutest ever.