Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Yarn Post

So I realized I haven't posted a whole lot about what I've been doing knitting-wise. And then it dawned on me that I haven't done much knitting lately. Up until yesterday, I hadn't knit since I saw the Yarn Harlot - nearly two and a half weeks ago! Don't get me wrong. I was still thinking about knitting, and wishing my work load was less so I could find the time to knit at least ONE row. I was still glancing up at my yarn stash which sits beautifully in a basket on top of my desk (greatly minimized). Finally yesterday, I pushed homework aside for a little bit and started knitting. I started a scarf from the yarn I told you I bought at the Big E. I choose to do the drop stitch pattern. It looked hot! But it was a little on the wide side and I wanted it to be a somewhat long scarf, so I ripped it out today. And for now it looks like this on my bed:I am going to be very stylish this winter with all my knitted attire. My yarn that I had bought a while back for my first sweater finally arrived. I am really excited, but told myself I need to limit my number of UFOs so I'm going to try and finish this scarf and also the hat I started a few weeks back before I start anything else.

But of course it won't be easy since for my birthday last month Laurel bought me this yarn
to make with a black skein of yarn into a hot little bag. The picture isn't really clear, but its a ball of thin yarn with little sequence on it. I also got a $25 gift card to my LYS which I have yet to spend - amazingly

And then there is all this school work to keep me from focusing on my knitting! So many distractions, how will I ever get it all done!?

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Jess said...

You're so cute, I just miss you terribly :) Don't get too busy! I still need a scarf from you! Haha. I love you. We need to get together, I need help with some wedding stuff, I'm going crazy already. - Jess