Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Girls, My Life!

So tonight, after preparing myself for bed I decided to look through all the pictures that I have taken in the last year. And slowly all the wonderful memories from last year began to be recalled. So, as corny as this may be... here is a blog entry dedicated to the good times with my girls*. We began the year off looking extraordinary... and we continued to keep up this appearance. For Thanksgiving Erin and Holly both came home with me. We spent one day in NYC and went to the and saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular! Most weekends were spent on campus with sleepovers, staying up really late and pulling out the camera when we were all in desperate need of our beauty sleep! Occasionally we would go out into public to have fun. And we did it well!In April, we had the best party of the year. We got cute (of course)! We ate. We tickled. We were silly. We took pictures. And most importantly, we had tons of fun! My girls are my life. They keep things exciting. They are familiar. They are the best thing for me! And I miss them! Tomorrow we are going bridal dress shopping with the newest edition to our girls. More memories to be made!

*Dedicated really means picture CRAZY!

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holly said...

Oh my gosh. I saw the title of this post and knew I was going to start bawling. Don't worry: no actual tears shed, just lots of remembering :)
Can't wait for Thursday, either! :-D

P.S. it wasn't a date. i had to pay for my own dinner...