Sunday, October 01, 2006

Carpe Diem

Today - or I guess yesterday since the clock on my computer screen says 2:28 am - I had the urge to do something by myself that I normally wouldn't. So I drove to Rockport and had lunch and did some homework, and of course a little bit of shopping.

I had been craving lobster for quite some time, and while my family and I tried to satisfy this craving before I went to school it ended up being a failed attempt as the lobster did not taste terrific. My craving for lobster only increased. So I went to a little "restaurant" located in a little shack and ordered myself a lobster and a cup of New England Clam Chowder.
I sat at the edge of the inner-harbor where all the boats stay where they aren't being used. And I enjoyed this beautiful view while munching - alone, and yet still quite content - on my lobster: After I had licked my lobster shell clean and found some wipes at an attempt to hide my fishy smell, I walked up the harbor stopping in a few of the little shops alone the way - only to look. I stopped at a little shop that sells strudel. There I got a slice of cheese strudel - I usually choose apple - and a wonderful cup of hot chocolate. I walked up to the end of the harbor, and found myself a seat on a nice flat rock. I enjoyed the wind blowing through my hair, my rich hot chocolate and strudel and even a little bit of homework. I also soaked in this view while trying to get homework done: I also made a friend. He flew down and stood on the rock next to me and just stared at me. I tried ignoring him figuring that seagulls don't have a big attention span, but he stayed and watched me enjoy my strudel. I didn't think he was going to leave, so I took his picture. Shortly after that he left.

The water was so beautiful! I was content. I was satisfied with life. After I completed the chapter I was reading, I got up and left. I walked back to my car with a smile on my face the entire way. Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!


holly said...

Yay! I love your pictures! And I must confess, I enviously told my housemates about your adventure yesterday...they thought it sounded pretty fantastic, too. :) So good to hear your voice yesterday! LOVE YOU!

linda said...

so idyllic. sounds like you were picture perfect sitting there by the ocean with the wind blowing in your hair, but i guess we'll have to settle for admiring the seagull. : )

Anonymous said...

that, my friend, is living.

i applaud (and miss) you.