Sunday, September 10, 2006

Twenty-Two is OLD!

I woke up this morning being greeted by a smiling face telling me that there was something that was waiting for me out in the living room and although it wasn't a boy, it would taste good. So I got out of bed and saw this on the kitchen table: The occasion was my 22nd Birthday and while Pancakes (both Chocolate Chip AND Blueberry) began the celebration of my actual birthday, the festivities started the evening before. The ladies and I began our evening at an Irish Pub where I experienced the worst hard cider EVER! So horrible we decided it tasted like a dirty diaper would smell. Whatever you do stay away from Magner's Irish Cider! And while the atmosphere was nice, the quesadillas were tasty, and the music was fantastic, we decided to move our festivities to a place that served chocolate...Wildhorse, the Gordon College Weekend Hangout. We ordered two desserts to split among us girls The Grilled Banana Concoction.... and the Five Layer Cholate Cake (which is always delicious) And they were both fantastic - and I would especially recommended the Grilled Banana one. YUM!

So I woke up this morning and had pancakes for breakfast and then Sarah and I went to pick up Matt from the train station. Matt is an old friend from high school who just transfered up to the Boston Conservatory for school!
We went to Not Your Average Joe's for dinner where I received a complimentary Entree and Dessert of my Choice for my birthday. We (cause I couldn't eat it by myself) choose the Peanut Butter Thing: another FANTASTIC dessert!

And while we never made the cupcakes...
I think this was one of the best, dessert-filled and friend-filled birthdays ever! I love you girls!

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