Friday, September 08, 2006

Shabbat Shalom

Reform NOT Reformed

This semester I am taking a course called Modern Jewish Culture. It has multiple objectives, but the main one is to study the emergence of contemporary Judaism in comparison to Biblical Judaism. As a part of the course we are required to go to at least five off-campus field trips. To
night was the first one. We went to Temple Emanu-El, a Reform Synagogue, and it was one of the best services - Jewish or Christian - that I have been to in a very long time. One of the neatest things was that after the Rabbi's "sermon" he opened it up to the congregation to get feedback. This idea was just mind-blowing to me. This never happens in a Christian church - not to say that the Christian church is not open to feedback, there just isn't always a venue for the feedback to be given.

On September 22nd, we are going to an Erev Rosh HaShanah (or New Year's service) at Shirat Hayam, a Conservative Synagogue. I am very excited for this service as we will be celebrating their New Year.

Knitting Knews

I finished the Pumpkin baby hat yesterday.
It's a little big for an infant, but I'm sure the baby will grow into it eventually. I also started the Baby Hat from One Skein in a size that will fit me! It is in a nice autumn colored green. I have only knit a few rows but it seems to be coming along nicely. I wonder if I'll finish it in time to show the Yarn Harlot... or perhaps I'll teach myself to knit socks. She seems to be a fan of people who knit socks. I want her to be a fan of me. I want to make it into her blog. After all, I did choose to meet her over Matt Damon and Leonardo discovery... more on that later!


holly said...

that hat is ADORABLE!

also...HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Sunday! :) :) Wish I were there with you!
All my luuuv,

carolynem said...

will you make me a pumpkin hat?