Monday, September 04, 2006

One Day...

One Day Knitters will take over the world, and in TIME magazine it has become evident that this is slowly becoming true. In a list of 19 (yes, 19 and not 20 which would make more sense) Time listed what can and cannot be carried on planes as we make our way around the world:

Corskscrew - yup
Laptop - yup
Formula/Breast Milk - yup

Shampoo - nope

Gel Shoe Inserts - nope

Safety Razor -yup

Toy Weapons - yup (sorta scary)
IPod - yup
Mouthwash - nope
Solid Deodorant - yup
Sunscreen - nope
Cell phone - yup

Perfume - nope

Solid Lipstick - yup

Lip gloss - nope

Knitting Needles (ie. pointy sticks) - YUP!

Prescription Medicine - yup

Mascara- nope

Toothpaste - nope

We are making our dent in the world. The airlines know there are lots of knitters in the world and they are accomadating us. Yay for knitting!

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