Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Love Lamp!

I have had four days of classes and I am slowly beginning to feel back into the grove of things. I have been to all my classes and know my work schedule. My room feels lived in (although it is kind of lonely having a single) and I love the girls in my apartment (but it won't be the same as last year). We all work really well together and none of the problems that were evident last year at this time are visible - or at least not yet.

My lamp that I bought Sophomore year got sick over the summer. Dad and I thought we could fix it with some heavy duty stuff (ah, can't remember what it's called), but when we brought it back up to school the sickness got worse. And although we tried to repair it with duct tape (figuring since it could save NASA it could save my lamp), it was not sucessful and Lamp died last Thursday.I was able to find a lamp similar to her at Target yesterday and was able to keep her lampshades, so part of Lamp still lives. Ha! She couldn't have lasted me another semester - oh well. Atleast now the fire hazard is gone from my room.


I realized it has been quite a while since I posted any pictures of my knitting. I have a good reason for this. I haven't had any completed projects since the last time I posted. I have been working on a Pumpkin Baby Hat for a friend that is pregnant and due on October 31st. I have had to restart it four or five times and have finally gotten past all the points that I had to rip back. I am working on the leaves and if I wanted to, could finish it tonight, but I was getting bored with it, so I'll try to finish it tomorrow - a rewarding break from homework.
So in the meantime, a picture of my progress thus far: I have a variety of projects to choose from to start next. I don't have any UFOs (UnFinished Objects) that I should finish up... oh wait that's not true. I'm still working on this, but I prefer not to talk about it. So anyway, I have yet to decide what is next on my agenda. So many projects that I'd like to do and yet, so little time! The never-ending frustration of a knitter!

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