Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Birthday Excitement

Today has been a VERY exciting day and I am having a hard time concentrating on homework. So, I'm going to update in hopes of getting my thoughts together so that homework can then become my primary thought.

Today, Juan turned 20! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUAN!
She organized a group of her friends to all go to the Wenham Tea House, which was absolutely lovely. I had raspberry spice tea and two tin scones. They were delicious - and filling!

Big E
Saturday I headed across Massachusetts to Springfield where I met up with my family for a day at the Big E. And what a day it was! We ate the whole time - practically non-stop! When we got there - around 10:30 AM - we got in Line at the Maine building for the famous Maine Baked Potatoes. Actually, I had never heard of Maine being famous for the baked potatoes until I had been to the Big E, but let me tell you, I LIVE for those potatoes!

We had potatoes, hot dogs, some really delicious milk (from VT) in a glass bottle (the glass really does make it taste better!), Corn on the Cob - but not the way you think it was. They cooked it in its husk, peeled the husk leaving it still attached to the corn, wrapped tin foil around the bottom and dipped it in butter. It was DELICIOUS! Among other foods that I can't currently recall, I also experienced the famous Big E Cream Puff.Other attractions at the Big E worth noting include:

Observe for yourself: A man in a glass cage building Fenway Park out of playing cards - LOTS of playing cards.

There were also lots of fiber - I mean cute animals which conveniently also make fiber for my yarn.
Baby and Mommy Alpaca. And of course a Llama. She posed so beautifully for me! And lastly, the Connecticut Building: Here I purchased some beautiful hand-spun and dyed yarn. Unfortuantely I don't yet have a picture of it to show you because I sent the yarn home with my mom to wind into a ball using my new swift. I'll be getting my yarn the begining of next week. Picture to appear then.

I leave you now with a link to one of the greatest videos on The Last Knit. Let me know what you think! Hope it gives you a good laugh. Now for some homework...

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holly said...

Yay, Juan! :) That nickname will always make me laugh...