Thursday, August 10, 2006

Finally... an Update!

When I got back from Israel I could not find a job anywhere. I felt like I had applied everywhere when finally two jobs were offered to me. I took both and as a result have been working over 50 hours a week. This is why my updates have become far and few between. In addition, I was away on vacation for five days and just got back on Monday. So here is a little bit of what I've been up to.

Stop #1: Lancaster, PA
We arrived around 12 noon in Lancaster after Dad had made us get on the road by 4:30 (Insane, I know, but if you know my dad...). We decided that our first stop would be for me. Because if they didn't say when we were going they knew they wouldn't here the end of it for me. We went... not to a yarn shop (as some of you may be guessing).. to President James Buchanan's home just outside of Lancaster. He called it Wheatland.
Stop #2: Gettysburg, PA
Stop #2 included our annual visit to Gettysburg because 1) Dad loves the ice cream, 2) there are outlets for Mom and Laurel, 3) and there is plenty of historical things there for my entertainment. This visit was just a little different because I got to visit a place in Gettysburg that I had never been to before... President Dwight Eisenhower's home. This was one of the best Presidential Home tours that I have taken so far. Stop #3: Fort Loudon, PA
Last but not least, Daddy was kind enough to drive a half hour or so out of his way so that I could see a monument that was put up in the place where Buchanan was born - his parents home. The house has since been moved to a different location. The state of Pennsylvannia is now complete (or atleast until someone from PA is elected to be our president). Stop #4: Shanksville, PA
This is the location that the Flight 93 plan crashed on September 11, 2001. Since it is just a short drive from where we stay for our Family reunion we took a ride out to see the temporary memorial that is at the site. They have a United States flag marking the place that the plane went down. There are many small monuments donated to the site for use in the permanent memorial. The site is now owned by the National Parks Services to protect this site as a historical one. For being temporary, it is a pretty nice memorial. They even have made the manuscript of what was said on the plane before it crashed available for public reading. My Dad donated one of his old police badges to one of the boards on the site. They take these boards down as they fill up and plan to incorporate them all into the final memorial. It really is an eye opening experience to visit this site. If you are ever in the area I suggest a visit.

Throughout the trip there were other miscellaneous visits and shopping that was done. A lot of Antique shops were visited. I made a purchase at one of them. This is an antique string holder... and let me tell you it works perfectly for those little one ball knitting projects that need to be carried around. It has some really nice paint work along the outside of the container. It has treated me well so far.

Also being on vacation freed up my time just a little to finish the project I was making for my secret pal. This month I will reveal my identity to her and present her with a knitted project made by me. She is pregnant and due with a baby girl in September so I decided to make her the Baby Hat pattern in the One Skein book. I absolutely loved the pattern and am going to make one for myself once I figure out how much more I need to increase it. In the picture above the hat is being shown on one of my precious Starlight Foundation bears.

I hope she enjoys the hat as much as I did making it. I really enjoyed the One Skein Secret Pal Exchange and I'm kind of sad to see it end. It is fun to have a free skein of yarn to look for in your mailbox during that month. It is fun to pick out yarn for someone you have never met and have only briefly talked to. I'll definately do another Secret Pal exchange. You should try it if you never have before. They are great!


Anonymous said...

Very cute Aileen! I have your project finished and I'll let you know when I get it sent out.
Your Secret Pal

carolynem said...

wow. i love you. post more, bright angel.

holly said...

I think you should be the first female president. Then people will travel from all over to visit YOUR house, and you won't have to, because you've already been there, nay, LIVED there for many a year. It's the perfect plan! NOSAL 2008!