Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Start of Things to Come

Classes start tomorrow. I have my first class at 9:10 tomorrow morning - Christian Doctrine, which I'm really excited about!

I moved in on Sunday - technically a day before I was supposed to but I just couldn't wait to get back! I have already made a few runs to Target and Stop and Shop but I am all moved in and settled. I am ready to begin the school year - well, sorta.

These crutches are more of a pain than I orignially expected them to be. Tomorrow I am leaving for class 20 minutes earlier than I usually do to make sure I have enough time to get there and not attract attention to myself. I've already had a random girl come up to me and ask me what happened. I am not a very sociable person and while I was friendly, I only wanted this weirdo girl to leave me alone!

And to start the school year off on the right foot (ha ha) I bought myself a treat - a hair highlighting kit. And since Sarah and I had nothing better to do today - we dyed my hair. I was a little nervous... ...considering I have never had anyone but a professional hair dresser work on my hair. I've gone to the same hair salon since I was five or six. I know them and they know me and my hair very well. Sarah - on the other hand - called herself the Mad Scientist right before she started work on my hair.Do you blame me for being nervous?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Watch Out Gordon!

The countdown is about to end. ATTENTION EVERYONE: I will be coming back to Gordon College TOMORROW!!!!I will be bringing with me a set of crutches and lugging my cast - which will probably mean leaving for class 10 minutes earlier than normal. I will be bringing with me clothes (cute ones!), Jewelry (because, let's face it - accessories make the outfit), and although there are other things I'm bringing the most important is of course... yarn (because I have a lot of unfinished projects and somehow I keep creating new projects for myself despite already having a huge "to-do" list of knitting). For example, I ordered yarn today from my LYS (Local Yarn Store) 8 balls of yarn for my first sweater I want to knit.

I've been good though, I narrowed down the yarn I am bringing to school to only include current projects that are not finished yet. Hopefully I'll get some finished shortly. I would show you the pile of yarn and the piles of suitcases and boxes, but I cannot find my battery charger for my camera and therefore cannot take pictures to show you. I'll find it somewhere I hope. I'm pretty sure I didn't pack it - but I suppose there is no real way of knowing until I start unpacking.

I'm exhausted. Packing and making sure you have everything that you are going to need is a difficult task. But in the end it's all worth it because I get to be with my girls again - and let me tell you that is something I've been looking forward to since the day I moved out for summer break.

Next post will be from Gordon College - wahoo!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

No More Surprises

The month of August in the One Skein Secret Pal Exchange that I have been participating in is the month that I will get a knitted or crocheted gift from my secret pal. The other day I received a package in the mail. It was from my secret pal. Her name is Kristin and she is from Oregon. I recieved the prettiest gift. I absolutely love it. And it will go perfectly in my bedroom. I plan to knit two smaller bowls to go on either side of it so I can put all my knicknacks in them. Itwill go on my bookshelves - once Daddy builds them.

In October of last year we started finishing the attic so I could have my own bedroom for the first time since I was five. It has been painted with a bed since Christmas time. It has had a desk since about May. Little by little we are working on getting the room put together with the smaller details. We went to the fabric store yesterday.

We bought fabric to cover the old desk chair and make it fit the theme of my room. We bought fabric so that I can have a huge memo board here:
We bought fabric so my aunt can make me a curtain to go over this window:We finished the desk yesterday. We are working on the memo board today. Mom and I are also going out to finish getting me ready to go back up to school!

Only one week til I see my girls!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I Should Have Gone to Work

This story begins way back in February. I was exercising at school like the doctor always says to do - mistake number 1. I was getting good, going every day to the gym and working my way up to running a mile and walking a mile - two miles total. I was out of shape, I had to start slow. And then my ankle started to hurt. And it became a little harder to walk and I found myself limping. I went to the doctor and he told me I had tendinitis. I was told to get physical therapy. I did. The pain got better but never went away.

Last week, I had an MRI done on it. I had to lay down and my leg was put into this machine. I had to lay still for a half hour while loud noises were being made (they gave me some music to listen to so it wasn't too bad).

On Monday I called out of work because the pain was so intense in my ankle that I wouldn't be able to stand on my ankle for 8 hours. I went to the doctor instead - mistake number 2. He said that the MRI showed that I had a stress fracture in my ankle. And now I have this:It has to be on for a month when I will then have to wear a removable cast for who knows how long. My new name is Gimpy.

In better news I had a phonedate tonight with the ever so wonderful Holly. I miss her so much and talking to her only made me realize this more. She graduated in May and now will be in Seattle doing the Mennonite version of the Peace Corps. So instead of being with me this semester she is going to be on the other side of the country making other people happy. She's good at that!

TEN more days til I go back to school!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I never thought I'd say this...

BUT... I am dying to go back to school. I miss it so much. I have never been so ready to go back. It isn't that things at home have been crazy (I've been working too much to be bothered by family). I just miss all my girls.

I went out this morning and ran a few errands with Mom and Dad. We stopped at the Farmer's Market. As we were pulling into the parking lot I said to my parents, "You know, sometimes that have yarn at Farmer's Markets." They think I am obsessed with yarn (maybe they are right). And sure enough, I found yarn at one of the stands there. And only with the help of a miracle did I avoid buying any. I wasn't sure what I would want to make with it and since I already have a lot of projects on my plate I decided to hold off - atleast until next week.

We went to Staples. Mom had just a few things to pick up, but when I walked in and saw the thousands of school supplies before my eyes I couldn't resist the urge to shop. I got folders for my four classes, notebook paper, index cards with pretty blue stripes, pretty heart sticky notes, nice gell pens and sticky page markers. I think I'm pretty much set for the school supplies. Now I just have to pack and get my books. Fifteen days to do it all!

I started my Back to School journey by getting rid of last semester - selling my books online. I posted all 16 of them that I wasn't keeping (I think I kept two) on Amazon.com. Now they will sit on my floor by my desk until they are all sold. Hopefully that will be sooner than later.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Finally... an Update!

When I got back from Israel I could not find a job anywhere. I felt like I had applied everywhere when finally two jobs were offered to me. I took both and as a result have been working over 50 hours a week. This is why my updates have become far and few between. In addition, I was away on vacation for five days and just got back on Monday. So here is a little bit of what I've been up to.

Stop #1: Lancaster, PA
We arrived around 12 noon in Lancaster after Dad had made us get on the road by 4:30 (Insane, I know, but if you know my dad...). We decided that our first stop would be for me. Because if they didn't say when we were going they knew they wouldn't here the end of it for me. We went... not to a yarn shop (as some of you may be guessing).. to President James Buchanan's home just outside of Lancaster. He called it Wheatland.
Stop #2: Gettysburg, PA
Stop #2 included our annual visit to Gettysburg because 1) Dad loves the ice cream, 2) there are outlets for Mom and Laurel, 3) and there is plenty of historical things there for my entertainment. This visit was just a little different because I got to visit a place in Gettysburg that I had never been to before... President Dwight Eisenhower's home. This was one of the best Presidential Home tours that I have taken so far. Stop #3: Fort Loudon, PA
Last but not least, Daddy was kind enough to drive a half hour or so out of his way so that I could see a monument that was put up in the place where Buchanan was born - his parents home. The house has since been moved to a different location. The state of Pennsylvannia is now complete (or atleast until someone from PA is elected to be our president). Stop #4: Shanksville, PA
This is the location that the Flight 93 plan crashed on September 11, 2001. Since it is just a short drive from where we stay for our Family reunion we took a ride out to see the temporary memorial that is at the site. They have a United States flag marking the place that the plane went down. There are many small monuments donated to the site for use in the permanent memorial. The site is now owned by the National Parks Services to protect this site as a historical one. For being temporary, it is a pretty nice memorial. They even have made the manuscript of what was said on the plane before it crashed available for public reading. My Dad donated one of his old police badges to one of the boards on the site. They take these boards down as they fill up and plan to incorporate them all into the final memorial. It really is an eye opening experience to visit this site. If you are ever in the area I suggest a visit.

Throughout the trip there were other miscellaneous visits and shopping that was done. A lot of Antique shops were visited. I made a purchase at one of them. This is an antique string holder... and let me tell you it works perfectly for those little one ball knitting projects that need to be carried around. It has some really nice paint work along the outside of the container. It has treated me well so far.

Also being on vacation freed up my time just a little to finish the project I was making for my secret pal. This month I will reveal my identity to her and present her with a knitted project made by me. She is pregnant and due with a baby girl in September so I decided to make her the Baby Hat pattern in the One Skein book. I absolutely loved the pattern and am going to make one for myself once I figure out how much more I need to increase it. In the picture above the hat is being shown on one of my precious Starlight Foundation bears.

I hope she enjoys the hat as much as I did making it. I really enjoyed the One Skein Secret Pal Exchange and I'm kind of sad to see it end. It is fun to have a free skein of yarn to look for in your mailbox during that month. It is fun to pick out yarn for someone you have never met and have only briefly talked to. I'll definately do another Secret Pal exchange. You should try it if you never have before. They are great!