Monday, July 24, 2006

The Year of the Weddings

No I haven't said the words "I do." But it seems to be a favorite phrase this year for people I know. I already dedicated a post to Laura and Michael and their wedding at the beginnig of this month. I have talked to her only once since the wedding (she's been busy being a wife) and they are extremely happy!

This Saturday my cousin is getting married. My Aunt has taken on the project of making the bride's dress, the two bridesmaid dresses, and her ow dress. I think she is insae but its what she loves doing so more power to her! Sarah and I have never really gotten alog extremely well, but we are older know so... Congrats Sarah!

Most important of all - I got a phone call from my best friend the other day. Jess and I grew up together. We've been best friends since the first grade when she first moved here.

We have bee inseperable ever since. At the start of my freshmen year of college we both got into our first real relationship. While I have since broken up with my first love she has hit a hole in one and is ENGAGED to her first true love. His name is Ryan. And I approve. Her dad took pictures of them today for their engagement announcments. Are they not the cutest couple? And she looks so happy - and that's what really matters. I was the first to know after her parets (of course). I haven't seen her in person since she told me, but I want to see her ASAP.

I've been thinking about her a lot. I've been thinking about how we used to be little and how that seemed like yesterday. How for my 16th birthday she took me to see NSYNC at Madison Square Garden or how we went together on a church trip to Austria and had one of the best times of our lives. But we have obviously grown up and we are growing into beautiful women (or atleast I like to think so!).

Jess I love you so much! CONGRATS!! (Oh, I think I'm gonna cry)


carolynem said...

you're cute and i miss you.

holly said...

((whispers into Aileen's ear whilst Aileen slumbers)) update update update...

the Oregon City chapter of the ACNFC misses yooou!


p.s. we (The HR Collective) don't work Friday until 6 your time. possible phonedate? or...Tuesday?

Jessica said...

Aww I just love you! Thanks for everything and I can't wait to see you! I've been home sick, so hopefully next weekend I'll be around. I want you to come with us to look at wedding venues in the Berkshires... I think we're gonna try and do it next Sunday. So let me know. Love ya and miss ya! - Jess