Monday, July 03, 2006

Til Death Do Us Part

I'm back home and with one less single friend. Congrats Laura!

Sarah and I got down to Maryland on Friday afternoon in really good time which was a surprise to us since we thought there would be heavy traffic considering it's July 4th Weekend. With no real plans to attend to on Friday we found ourselves in a rather cute little town:
Ellicott City. We had a wonderful lunch at Tea on the Tiber where we enjoyed afternoon tea (I had a pot of Green Tea Tropical that was absolutely amazing), a plate fun of fresh fruit and cheese, and scones (I had a chocolate chip one). We were lucky to be seated because they normally are so busy that reservations are needed. I'm glad we were able to experience this cute little place.

After lunch we wandered across the street to
The Celtic Knot Yarn Shop. Sarah and I wasted atleast an hour there despite the place lacking temporarily air conditioning. I bought my Secret Pal her skein of yarn for the month a July. It is a hank of Cascade 220 Quatro (color # 9435). I am addicted to felting and I especially love felting with cascade so I thought I'd pass the love on to my SP. I hope she enjoys it.

The wedding was Saturday. At the request of the bride we arrived at the church at 2:00 (even though the wedding began at 5:00) and helped her get into her dress and be with her one last time as Miss Laura.
She looked absolutely amazing. Don't you agree?! The ceremony was beautiful with both the mothers starting the ceremony by lighting the two candles for the unity candle lighting that Laura and Michael would do later in the ceremony.

She isn't coming back to Gordon in the fall. She and Michael will be living in Maryland while he finishes up school at the University of Maryland. I think she'll be taking classes at a community college nearby. She's all grown up. She is Mrs. Vargo. She is a wife!

I still can't believe it. My friends are growing up. I didn't think it would happen so soon. I'm so happy for her though. I love you Laura!

P.S. I forgive you, Laura, for letting your Dad give away that wool. Atleast this time.

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