Sunday, July 09, 2006

Think Pink!

The Think Pink Challenge!

I was listening to Rhonda Bell's podcast Knitting News Cast the other day (episode 13). She was telling her listeners about the Think Pink Challenge. After checking out there website, I decided I should pass the word along to the rest of you - especially if you knit or crochet. She is hoping to get people to knit, crochet, or with any other sort of creative skill (sewing, etc.) 1,000 pink scarves for women facing breast cancer. By taking the time to knit these scarves, and praying for the health and healing of their recipients in the process, we can make a tremendous difference in the lives of these women. Check out her blog for more information on where to send them and by when. I am going to try to knit atleast one scarf for this wonderful charity. I hope you are able to participate. Pass the word on to everyone you know!

Other Knitting News

In other knitting related news I am nearly done with Mom's felted purse. I am hoping to felt it tomorrow and put the finishing touches on it shortly after that. In the mean time I have a waiting list of projects to get done. My local yarn store just had their 4th of July Sale to clear out the summer yarns to make room for the fall yarns. I bought yarn for Ann Norlin's Kids Fruit Cap pattern. I have 2 friends who are pregnant and due in October so I am going to make their new additons pumpkin caps! I think they will look adorable. I also have a baby's hat pattern that I want to knit out of the One Skein pattern book for my secret pal. And that only begins to list the projects I want to get done!

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