Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Knit Like the Wind!

As Brenda Dayne has so kindly instructed us to do in the introduction to her podcast, I have "knit like the wind" this past week. My mom's birthday was June 15th. I knew in March what I wanted to knit her (the Chic Shopping Bag in Pursenalities). By Easter time I had all the yarn needed for the purse and it was wound from hank to ball with the secret help of Joyce. And despite all that I still didn't get it finished in time for her birthday. I had too many projects planned and not enough time (I'm sure you remember my crazy-stress-filled entries in April/Early May). And so I've decided that if I can't get a finished project to my mom for her birthday despite being planned 3 months in advance, I will not (I repeat NOT) deliever this purse a month late to her. The purse must be felted with button sewed on and everything no later than July 15th. I think I can do it. Today I cast-off the body of the bag!

It is huge! It is the biggest felted project I've ever made. I need to sew the bottom to the rest of the purse (that's why there is that extra flap at the bottom), finish knitting the handles,attach the handles to the purse, shape the purse, felt the bag, sew on the button, and attach purse bottoms to add a professional touch! Think I can do it all in 10 days?

To make my task harder (cause I like to do crazy stuff to myself) I decided today that it would be fun to start the swatch for the Baby Hat in One Skein - possibly the final gift for my secret pal, possibly for one of the other 3 pregnant women I know. Also, did I tell you that I got a fantastic little present in the mail the other day from the ever-so-wonderful Holly?! Well, I did! She sent me the prettiest button. And ya know what? It goes perfectly with the skein of yarn my secret pal sent me in June! See for yourself:

Then the so wonderful online knitting magazine Knitty recently released the summer issue. And in addtion to their great articles I have fallen in love with nearly all the patterns in this issue (especially this one).

My local yarn shop is having a sale to clear out the summer stuff to bring in the autumn yarns. Perhaps I can find some good finds for all the projects I want to knit... and there are so many of them!


Anonymous said...

Hi Aileen!
Your second skein is on the way, look for it by Wednesday or Thursday. Hope you have a great weekend! Hugs from your One Skein SP!

holly said...

So glad you liked the button! :-D And your secret pal is doubly rad for being from Oregon!!!