Monday, June 12, 2006

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round

Or rather, the wheels on my new car go round and round!

I don't know if you can remember this far back, but in a post back in April I went home for Easter with a speech all ready to tell my parents why I should have a car for the approaching fall semester. I came home (this speech and I) to be pleasantly surprised that I had no need for this pre-made speech, that instead my mom thought I should have a car for the fall semester too. We looked at a few cars at that time, but with no real intention to buy right then - and we didn't. The plan, instead, was to casually look over the summer and hopefully we would have found one by the time school rolled around. This was fine with me - as long as we were proactive about looking for a new ride for me.

I got home from Israel a week ago to find out that they had a deposit on a car. They wanted me to take a look at it and then maybe we'd buy it. This was much sooner than I had excpected to be having a car. We went and looked and while it was a car with four wheels and a working enginee it just didn't seem like it was the right car for me. Instead we found a better fit - a better car for a better deal. Drum roll please....

A 2002 Metallic Mercury Sable:

I think she (or he) is beautiful. I bought a air freshner for the car the other day and I am slowly making it my own.

There is only one problem! The car needs a NAME.

I haven't decided yet if its a male or a female. I'd really love for you all to decide the name for me. I will make a felted change purse for the person with the best suggestion that is left in my comments. I am open to all suggestions - male or female, unique or normal - and the one I like best will get a change purse. I will look at what feltable yarn I have in my stash and give you a choice of colors.

On your mark...Get set... GO!


holly said...

How about the Silver Bullit {bad spelling adding to charm}? Either that or the Aileenmobile. That last one is especially catchy!

More suggestions later. I've got to look at the picture again. I'm so excited for you! :-D

Joyce said...

Hey Aileen -
How about Pearl (or Purl) for your hobby?
Good luck with the car!

Meg said...


carolynem said...

Ok, get ready for this; it's weird, I know:

Subtle Rufus Nosal

'Subtle' because he's sleek and charming and 'Subtle the Sable' just rolls off the tongue.

'Rufus' because. Well, you know.

And 'Nosal' because he's now part of the family.

But 'Purl' is very clever...