Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Two Peas in a Pod

I'm sorry for the gap in between this entry and the previous one. However, since the last entry - where I complained about my life and the lack of a job - things have been a little bit crazy or let's just say I don't have time to just sit at my computer for hours "surfing" the internet.

The Pod
Thursday I applied for a position at the Town Hall Tax office. Friday I applied to a position at a local town's community service doing manual labor (I told you I was desperate!). Friday I heard back from the Tax office that I got the job (wahoo!) and then it was taken away from me before I knew it when I informed the lady that I would need to come in a few hours late on the first day or so (back to square 1). Saturday I had an interview with Stop and Shop Peapod (they deliver your grocheries right to your kitchen counter). Sunday I was hired by Stop and Shop Peapod - and this time they didn't take the job away from me. Monday and tonight I worked. Oh how it feels good to be a working lady once again! It's a pretty laid back job and I think I'm going to enjoy it - although, if I didn't enjoy it I'd be telling myself "Self, Tough Luck! This is all your gonna get!" So screw Target and their two month training - I got a job and I am good at it!

The Two Peas

Sarah and I leave for Laura's (and Michael's) wedding on Thursday after I am finished with classes. We bought the wedding gift and we got a gift bag for it (I think she'll love it!). I bought my tummy tucker for my dress - and let me tell you that was quite an interesting shopping experience! Tomorrow Mom and I are going to get manicures and then I have to buy some grocheries for the ride down, pack: my clothes, the camera, a book, and of course my knitting project (Mom's already late birthday present). We will be back Sunday where I will then attend my "little cousin's" graduation party. I can't believe he's out of high school already! I can remember when I held him in my lap.

*I realized I don't have pictures of the happily married-to be couple or of my graduating cousin or even of my new work place. I apologize for a Picture-less entry.*


holly said...

You don't need to apologize, because YOU RULE! :)

Lizzie said...

Two peas in a pod?
Yep that sounds about right, and I would not have it any other way!