Sunday, June 18, 2006

Two Loves

Knitting News

I finished the Petal Bib that I mentioned starting yesterday. It was a great project to knit especially since it gave me some instant satisfaction in my knitting - which was much needed. The project that I have next in line is a purse that was supposed to be done for my mom for her birthday (which was 3 days ago) and with the end of school and my trip to Israel it just didn't happen. So, I really needed an instant gratification project before diving into the long winded purse. It will be fun though.


About two weeks before I got out of school I got a phone call early in the morning - about 8:30 - from my mom. It was unusal for my mom to call this early and so I was concerned
as to what was happening. She was in tears. She told me that they were at the Vet and they needed to put Chester down.

Chester was our 10 year old Spring Spaniel.
He was the best dog anyone could ever ask for and was quite perfect for our family. He slept ALL the time and was pretty fat. We had to hand feed him because he wouldn't eat otherwise and we had to lift him up onto the couch or the bed. He used to be able to jump up on the couch, but in his old age, any attempt to try himself usually ended with him being half on the couch and half off looking around at anyone who would please help him up the rest of the way. He always had a dumb sheepish look on his face when this happened. Especially unique to Chester was that when he was six years old he was diagnosed with diabetes. Yes, my dog had diabetes. Every morning and every evening we gave him his shot of insulin and every afternoon he had to have a slice of cheese or two to boost his sugar level.Unfortunately, his diabetes caused him to age a little quicker than we would have liked. He became senial this past year and got athritis. Getting up on the couch became a much bigger struggle than it had been and he was much more dependent on us.

It was really hard saying goodbye to Chester. The house got much quiter without him (even though when he was here he was sleeping). The house was much more empty withou
t him and it was obvious. I found myself still going into Mom's room to check on him before I went out for the day. I found myself wanting to call for him. I thought about him a lot. All my life growing up we had a dog. Camie came before Chester. She came before me. My parents bought her in 1983. I was born in 1984. We bought Chester in 1995 when we thought Camie wasn't going to be around much longer. But she wasn't gonna be booted outta the house by a new dog and she stuck around for another 4 years. When we put Camie down we still had another dog to come home to, but when Chester was put down all we had to come home to was an empty home.

We started looking for another dog. The lady that Chester we
nt to for grooming and for a place to stay when we went on vacation gets rescue dogs and finds homes for them. So when we told her that we had to put Chester down, she offered us Cedric - who actually is one of her dogs. She also shows dogs, but Cedric was too tiny and already having 7 dogs or so she couldn't keep him anymore. We went to look at him last Sunday. He was adorable. We fell in love with him, and I think he fell in love with him. We said we'd take him.
We went to pick him up yesterday. He has made himself at home pretty quickly in the past 27 hours or so. He is two years old and full of energy. He eats when his food is put in front of him. He likes to be carried much like a 2 year old human would like to be carried. He is a doll. We love him - but he hasn't taken the spot of Chester. I don't know if that spot can be filled.

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