Thursday, June 08, 2006

O Jerusalem

It's 10:45 and I am exhausted, but I cannot sleep. I am wishing so hard that I was back in Israel asleep on the hard and noisy bunkbed with seven of the best girls in the whole world (I am not forgetting about the 5 in the next room or my girls from T201).

I am back in the United States and let me tell you it is nothing like Israel. Israel is beautiful (that's not to say that the US isn't beautiful - it's just different). The special thing about Israel is the topography of the land. It is almost as if God used Israel to be the guinea pig (or the testing ground) for trying out all sorts of ideas on the land to see how it would work in the rest of the world. Israel is about the size of New Jersey. It isn't huge. And yet, there is green grass and the wilderness; hills and flat ground. The lowest place on earth is in Israel and yet there are some very big mountains as well. They have snow, and rain, and lots of heat. It is humid there and it is dry. And one only needs to travel a few miles to see a huge variety of these changes.

There is so much I want to tell you about the trip - and eventually I will get there, but let me start with the knitting news. First the bad news: I did not buy any yarn while I was over there. I did not see any yarn for sale. I asked the campus director if she knew of a place to buy yarn and she replied by asking "Just regular yarn?" And I replied yes, because as a non-knitter, she didn't know any better. She knew of a place, but I never got over to the store. But I did see lots of goats and sheep and other fiber-filled animals.

These ones were at Gezer, an ancient site near the coast of Israel. They were just wandering through the excavated site.
Those tiny little dots you see are sheep. The shepherd is leading them across the wilderness.

I have more yarn-related pictures, but we will save those for another day. For now I think I might just go to sleep and dream sweet dreams of Jersualem.

"If I forget thee O Jerusalem..." (Ps. 137:5)


carolynem said...

yah! israel news!

(i miss you.)

Erin said...

Aileen, I stalked you through facebook...

I'll be glad to read anything you've got! And I'm heartbroken to realize that every time we saw goats/sheep/wool-laden beings you must have been thinking, "Yarn? Yarn? Yarn?"

Anywho. I really miss the eight of us as well! Oh, and I REALLY enjoyed your pictures on Snapfish. I'll send you mine in a bit. Until then,

Shabbat Shalom,