Thursday, May 11, 2006

Today I love secrets!

Knitting News

I feel like it's been a very long time since I've written an entry about knitting. So, while I have things to say about other subjects, I will begin with talk of knitting and then if you are one of those readers who only care about the yarn and needles you can exit quietly to the rear of the auditorium.

I met a new friend the other day. His name is Dave. And he fell in love with my knitting. I gave him one of my buisness cards and he was so excited that he wanted me to make some felted purses for his cousins and mom. For Mother's Day, I made his mom this change purse.

I have never met this lady before so I hope that she likes it. It was a nice little project to make and finish in a day. Quick satisfaction. i also felted the pink and blue purse that I was making for Laurel, but it needs to go through the wash one more time I think, so I will wait to post a picture of it for you to see.

I received my One Skein Secret Pal exchange pal yesterday. The person assigned to me (hi, I know you are reading this!) emailed me very quickly after getting my name. She must be as excited as I am about this! I emailed her back with answers to the questions that all of us participating in have to answer for their secret pal. I also emailed the person to whom I am playing secret pal for. She is 24 years old with one boy and another on the way. From reading her blog it sounds like she has just picked up knitting after a break - not sure how long of one. I know I couldn't go too long without my needles and yarn!

Little Birdie

I came home today from school. Leaving my girls was hard today. Fortunately, I'll see a few of them right before I leave for Israel. After my mom had helped me carry my stuff up to my room at home she saw a bird in our house...yes, in the HOUSE! I don't know if you realize this... but wild birds are not supposed to fly in and out of our house. He was trapped in between the chair and the window. My mom and I couldn't figure out how he could have got into the house. And then Mom remebered that there was a nest on our chimney... and the chimney was open. He fell down our chimmney into the house. Silly little bird.


Tomorrow is going to be spent getting all the last minute things done before I go to Israel. I have to get my hair cut, pick up a few things at the store, and put the suitcase together. Tomorrow may be my last entry until I get back, although I might be able to squeeze one in on Saturday depending on how things go. I don't think I will be able to update while I am in Israel. There is internet access available, but I don't want to make any promises.

Until tomorrow...

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holly said...

Uh, who can resist your knitting, Aileen, to say nothing of you yourself?! Obviously not me. I miss you...Good thing you're coming back. I mean, so you can clean the kitchen, of course. Right.