Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Do as the Romans Do

The purse that I started way back in March is finally finished. I never thought the day would have come. I knit (with dpn's). I grafted. I conquered.

Yes, it does look a little huge, but that's because I haven't felted it yet. Because we have a side loader here at school, and because it costs $1.00 to use the washer, I am going to wait to felt it until I go home for the summer (which is in only ten days!).

I may have conquered this purse, but I have so many more projects lined up. I just found out that one of my cousin's are pregnant with her second child. We just found out she was pregnant, so I have some time, but I plan on knitting two little things for the little one. Both patterns are taken from One Skein by Leigh Radford.. It just came out last month and I strongly recommend that you buy it. This is a little bib for the baby to be. I have already begun three rows on the project. The green of the yarn that I am knitting it with is not quite accurate. I am really excited. It looks like it will be a neat project. I am also going to be knitting this cute little hat: The yarn is a real light yellow called limon. I am excited for both projects. I do, however, have a dilema. I have that purse that I had wanted to make for Laurel that I should knit. I am also leaving for Israel in eleven days and I don't know which project would be best to cart halfway across the world with me. I think, unless you can convince me otherwise, that I am going to work Laurel's purse and the Petal bib at the same time (well, not the same exact time, but you get the idea). They'll be nice breaks for in between studying for finals (which begin on Monday for me).

Wish me luck. There is so much to do in the next couple of days. But I will conquer!

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