Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Three-Legged Race

My grandma had her third knee replacement this morning. It went well - or atleast it seems that it went well. See, the reason it is three knee replacements is becaues the first time she got one done the doctor didn't do the best job and it had to be redone.(No she does not have three legs, much to our disappointment!) I talked to her on Sunday. She was in a lot of pain. I haven't talked to her since her surgery, but Mom says she is doing much better than Sunday, which is a relief.

See, we need Grandma. Not only is Grandma the one that links our family together, but she is also our form of entertainment at all family gatherings (ex. birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.). There are usually twelve of us at the dinner table. Grandma sits at the head of the table. The grandkids sit near the other end of the table, with my Dad at the foot of the table. Grandma likes to think that whatever we are talking about has to do with her. And so when she hears us mumbling and giggling at our end of the table she immediately wants to know what we are talking about. This always gets us laughing because it usually is something that Grandma wouldn't want to hear about.

That's the other thing about Grandma. She has a tendency to say things that hidden sexual/perverted meanings without realizing it. I can't think of an example off the top of my head, but it has caused some people to laugh so hard that tears are streaming out of their eyes and the idea of breathing normally again is nearly impossible (you know what kinda of laughter I'm talking about).

Oh, so Grandma is an expert at this knee replacement thing. In a few days she will be in a rehab center to do therapy and get her up and "running" asap. She has this down to an art. Being in rehab will also mean that she will get many more visitors - something I am not entirely sure she is excited about. It's not that Grandma is anti-social, 'cause she isn't. It has more to do with the people who visit her, specifically my Uncle Jeff. He is her son-in-law and quite the character. He is a musician with a rather high level of energy. Last time she was in rehab, he visited her nearly every single day as the rehab center was close to his place of work. She quickly grew tired of this. She even went so far as to pretend to be asleep while he was visiting so that he would get the hint and leave. Haha. That little ol' lady is full of all sorts of tricks!

I plan on knitting her a prayer shawl as soon as I can find myself a ride to A.C. Moore. I plan to knit it while she is in recovery so I am praying daily for her. It's going to be a lot of fun to knit. I'm rather excited, if you can't tell.

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