Saturday, April 15, 2006

That Darn Purse!

Today, we celebrated Laurel's birthday since I am not three hours away. We spent the afternoon at the mall and then went out to dinner to George's. Laurel enjoyed some wonderful Lobster ravioli. It was delicious (she let me have a bite!). After that we came home and had cake and opened presents. Here I can finally express my frustration. See, I wanted to make this for Laurel...

The plan was to knit this for her in the new Ultra Alpaca by Berroco in the spring yellow color Masa. I ordered the yarn in March (plenty of time for the yarn to arrive) , but it didn't. The seller informed me that it was back ordered so she had to wait before she could ship it to me. Unfortunately she told this to me three weeks after I ordered it. When I left for Easter break on Thursday, it had still not arrived. So I gave this to Laurel instead...

Yup, a paper version of the purse I plan to make for her. Isn't she gorgeous!? She asked me if the real thing will be bigger. I sure hope so. In the paper purse I gave her a pair of beautiful pink dangling earrings made by one of the girls in my apartment (I love you Polly!). Laurel loved the earrings and since half of her wardrobe is pink, I'm sure she'll be getting good use out of them.

Happy Easter everyone - especially you hot girls in Tavilla 201!

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Amy said...

Hi! I found your site via the Knitters' Forum.

That bag is really adorable. Sorry to read of all of your hassles trying to find yarn for it.