Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spring is Officially HERE!

And it's about time, if you ask me. Today, the girls and I were asked by the lovely Carolyn and Meg to Meg's place for a dinner party. I received this invitation in my mailbox a few days ago. The other side read:
* Welcome, Spring. Party *
You're Invited
Given by Meg & Carolyn
At Dexter House
On April 29th. Saturday.
At 5 pm.
Please wear a sundress or skirt.
Even if it is cold.

And so
we went April 29th. Saturday in our skirts and sundresses for a welcome spring party. The food was spectacular. They made chicken cooked with sliced apples, fresh mozerella and tomatoes, asparagus, and cheese and garlic bread. It was amazing. And if that was not enough, Carolyn made Apple Pie for dessert.

It was delicious - as you can probably already tell.

I can't belive that there are only 11 days of Gordon Spring '06 left. As much as I want all this school work to be over with, I don't want to see this year end. Holly is graduating and going to Seattle. Meg is studying abroad in Scotland. I can't bare to not see these two spectacular girls daily. I love you both very much. You all mean the world to me. Pinky swear.

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oh, honey.