Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Juan Strikes Again!

Today is my three month blogging anniversary.

The monkeys came to wish me the best until the next aniversary. They tell me that they read my blog regularly and that they really enjoy it (I think they were just being nice).

The college that I attend is a non-denominational Christian colle"ge. As a requirement for graduation we have to attend 30 chapel services a semester. They are not always enjoyable and so I bring my knitting. There were many knitters before me who did this. They did this before knitting became the trend that it is now. It is a long time traditon at Gordon College. I was knitting in chapel today - of course. Juan, who has been slack on his knitting lately, didn't have anything to do with his hands and so was playing with my ball of yarn. He tossed it to our friend Laura who was holding it hostage. In a struggle to rescue my ball of yarn, the loose needle crashed to the floor. It went rolling and rolling, and no one stopped it. It finally stopped 5 rows in front of us. For those of you who aren't aware, this is every knitters worst nightmare. I sat in the pew trying to resist the urge to get up and go searching for my needle. I resisted and after the service was finished Laura rescued my needle for me. Oh Juan, always causing trouble!

I received the yarn my mom sent me in the mail today. The yellow is much better this time. And the green yarn that Laurel and Mom picked out for me is beautiful. I also received another hank of yarn to finish off the purse that I posted a picture of yesterday. Here is the yarn:

It's beautiful I know! There is no need to fill the comment board with all your awe of the beauty of this yarn. Here is the other "ugly" yarn.
I dont know if the picture quality really shows the "ugliness" of the yarn. I wrote the owner of the online store I bought it from and complained about the tardiness and she offered to let me exchange it. I can't decide if I should exchange it or not. I would have to pay for shipping to return it and I can't decide if I'd like it for a project for later. Or if I should get a color I know I'll like and make another purse or something. I'm on this purse kick lately... wonder how long it will last.


holly said...

My favorite part of all is when Juan's gender changes mid-paragraph. Tricksy Juan! ;)

Aileen said...

I don't know what you are talking about. Juan is a man... 100%. ;)

holly said...

OH NO! you made Juan go through with the operation, didn't you?!