Thursday, April 20, 2006

It REALLY is a Darn Purse!

The yarn for Laurel's birthday purse came yesterday in the mail...It was awful. Well, I thought it was awful. Erin and Sarah liked it, but to me it was to autumny. It wasn't the spring yellow that the picture online displays (It's number 3225 - Masa). And so the project is delayed even more. But there is hope! While I was home for Easter, I went into my local yarn shop (as usual) and saw some yellow yarn that I like for the purse. Mom is going to go get it (or a different color that Laurel likes) tomorrow with Laurel. And the best part is, there is a sale at my wonderful yarn shop, A Stitch In Time for the next three days. I've never had so much trouble getting the yarn for any project before!

In other news, Rufus Wainwright is coming to NYC in June for a concert at Carnegie Hall!!!!
Now that you've had a moment to process that, how freakin' cool, huh?! He is performing two nights in a row and they are his last stop on his tour before going to Europe. I have to be at this concert. The box office is getting a phone call from me tomorrow morning!

Until further notice, meditate on this: "You may be an only child. Perhaps you are the only man in a knitting guild or, like me, quite short and never in control of your laundry. It doesn't matter, for you are a knitter, and to belong completely, no matter how different you may appear to be... all you need to do is find more knitters." ~The Yarn Harlot

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